Item 6-G

City Council Meeting: 12-15-98

TO: Mayor and City Council

FROM: City Staff

SUBJECT: Recommendation to Award Purchase Order to Zumar Industries, Inc. for Parking and Traffic Control Signs


This report recommends that Council approve the purchase of parking and traffic control signs for the Traffic Operations Division, Planning & Community Development Department, at specified unit prices plus applicable sales tax with one, one-year renewal option. The estimated annual expenditure is $150,000.


The replacement of parking and traffic control signs will be completed in a systematic manner starting with the major streets and proceeding to minor/residential streets. This sign replacement effort stems from an improved monitoring and long-term maintenance program that includes a regular schedule of sign replacement for enhanced safety and appearance. Staff will continue the sign recycling program of refacing good, straight aluminum signs as required.

Staff recommends that the parking and traffic control signs be purchased from Zumar Industries, Inc. under the cooperative purchasing provisions of Los Angeles County purchase order number PQ24013 dated 2-25-98/Bid T392. The County's procurement process meets the City's criteria for joint purchasing under the provisions of Section 2.24.080 of the City Municipal Code.

Budget/Financial Impact

Fiscal Year 1998-99 appropriation authority for this purchase is in Capital Improvement Budget account number 01-770-415-20098-8900-99580, "Sign Replacement Program".


It is recommended a purchase order be issued to Zumar Industries, Inc. at specified unit prices, plus applicable sales tax with one, one-year renewal option.

Prepared By: Pam Wortham, Purchasing Agent

Diane Howell, Buyer

Suzanne Frick, Director of Planning & Community Development

Ron Fuchiwaki, City Parking & Traffic Engineer

David Roth, Traffic Operations Superintendent