Item 6-C

City Council Meeting: 12-15-98

TO: Mayor and City Council

FROM: City Staff

SUBJECT: Recommendation to Award Bid to Furnish, Deliver and Install an On-Line Edit System, Bid # 2732


This report recommends award of bid to furnish, deliver and install an on-line edit system for the Cable Television Division in the total amount of $36,427.21 including applicable sales tax.


In response to Notices Inviting Bids (published October 27 and 28, 1998) in accordance with City specifications, bids were received and publicly opened and read on November 5, 1998. Proposal forms were mailed to four vendors and notices were advertised in accordance with City Charter and Municipal Code provisions. Three proposals were received as follows:

J & R Film/Moviola $36,427.21
Digital Production Resource $36,757.37
Post Op Video $38,703.53

The new on-line edit system is computer-based allowing flexibility in manipulating data and images into a final product for City TV video projects. This equipment replaces an off-line, noncomputer-based system that is seven years old.

Staff has evaluated the low bid and finds that it meets City Specifications, including the requirement that the equipment be Year 2000 compliant.

Budget/Financial Impact

Fiscal Year 1998-99 appropriation authority for this purchase is in Capital Improvement account number 51-710-207-20096-8900-99565, "City TV Replacement Equipment".


It is recommended that the award of Bid #2732 be made to J & R Film/Moviola in the amount of $36,427.21 including applicable sales tax, as the lowest responsible bidder.

Prepared By: Pam Wortham, Purchasing Agent

Diane Howell, Buyer

Robin Gee, Cable TV Manager