Item 6-M

Council Meeting: February 25, 1997      Santa Monica, California

TO:       Mayor and City Council

FROM:     City Staff

SUBJECT:  Recommendation to Direct Staff to Seek Applications for
          Members to Serve the Telecommunications Working Group

This report recommends that Council direct staff to solicit
applications from interested members of the public to serve on
the Telecommunications Working Group.

City Council approved undertaking a Telecommunications Master
Plan in the FY 96-97 budget and awarded a contract to Media
Connections Group on November 12, 1996 to assist the City in that

The plan is intended to result in policies and initiatives that
will enhance the quality of life and economic vitality in Santa
Monica through the strategic use of telecommunications
technologies.  The plan will identify the City's current
telecommunications infrastructure and needs and determine
potential roles and partnership opportunities to meet them.  The
methodology will include: a right-of-way analysis; an assessment
of citywide telecommunications needs; identification of
telecommunications systems and platforms; financial
analysis/models for partnership opportunities for public and
private initiatives, municipal ownership and/or continued
reliance on third party networks.

A community working group will assist in the assessment of the
City's distinctive telecommunications needs and opportunities. 
In particular, members will be asked to consider the methodology
and results of the City-wide telecommunications inquiry to assure
that Santa Monica community interests are reflected.  The working
group is intended to bring special expertise to inform the City's
development of the telecommunications master plan.  On February
11, 1997 staff recommended a group of potential members of the
Working Group that represented a broad range of technical
expertise within the community.  Staff would like to further
outreach to the community so that interested parties representing
additional disciplines and technical expertise may be considered. 
Staff will return to receive Council concurrance on the
membership of the Working Group. 

The City Manager's Office will provide staff assistance to this
effort.  There is no budget impact.

Staff recommends that Council direct staff to solicit
applications from interested members of the public to serve on
the Community Telecommunications Working Group.

Prepared by:   Kathryn Vernez, Senior Management Analyst
               Jory Wolf, Manager of Information Systems