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Today's Upcoming Schedule

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11:45 AM Annual Report FY 18-19
12:00 PM Cooking with the Farmers Market - Sherie Farah and Nate Pietso
12:30 PM Sam the Cooking Guy: British
1:00 PM 2020 Candidates Workshop
2:00 PM Family Favorites - Italian Food
2:30 PM Family Favorites - Indian Food
3:00 PM MIND|BODY S2 E12 Back to Basics
3:30 PM MIND BODY S2 E13 Love Potion Motion
4:00 PM Ready, Set, Move! - Fit4Mom with Lynn Ep.2
4:15 PM Ready, Set, Move! - Yoga with Vee Ep.3
4:30 PM Community Cooking 11.11
5:00 PM Between the Lines:Rebecca Costa
5:30 PM Between the Lines: Robert J. Herbold
6:00 PM Connie Martinson Talks Books: Victoria Zackheim 'Faith'
6:30 PM Connie Martinson Talks Books: Bruce Ferber 'Cascade Falls'
7:00 PM The Green Room - Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen
7:30 PM The Green Room -
8:00 PM ~wave~ Episode 3
8:30 PM ~wave~ Episode 4-Indiecade
9:00 PM 2020 Candidates Workshop
10:00 PM Be Green
10:15 PM Be Green
10:30 PM Be Green
10:45 PM Be Green
11:00 PM Earth Talk Today: Recycling
11:30 PM Earth Talk Today: Wisdom Keeper

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