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The Code Enforcement Division of the City Attorney’s Office works to secure compliance with a wide range of regulatory laws which seeks to protect the quality of life in Santa Monica. The Division also provides legal advice to various regulatory law enforcement agencies, such as the Santa Monica Police Department, Fire Department, Business License Division, Code Enforcement Division and Building and Safety Division. The agencies that the Division regularly works with are as follows:


City of Santa Monica Agencies:


The Santa Monica Code Enforcement Division handles cases involving general code enforcement, tenant relocation/habitability and nuisance abatement. They may be reached at (310) 458-4984;


The Santa Monica Building and Safety Division regulates building construction and safety. They may be reached at (310) 458-8355;

The Santa Monica Fire Department handles all regulatory activities relating to the State and local Fire Code. They may be reached at 310-458-8915;

The Santa Monica Business Licensing Division handles all business related regulations and manages the City’s Business License Tax program. They may be reached at (310) 458-8355;

The Santa Monica Police Department partners with various agencies to engage in regulatory enforcement. They can be reached at (310) 458-8491 (non-emergency) and 911 emergency;

State and Regional Agencies: 

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs has contracted with the City to act as the City’s local wage enforcement arm. Santa Monica’s wage laws regulate: general minimum wage, hotel wages, service charges, first-time worker pay and sick leave. They may be reached at 800-593-8222 and

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has been contracted by the City to be the City’s Health Officer. The Department enforces a wide array of state and local public health laws at the City’s food serving facilities, hotels, motels, multi-family residential buildings, and other establishments. For Santa Monica residents they may be reached at (310) 998-3203;

The Contractors State License Board licenses and regulates the State’s construction industry. The Board issues permits and regulates contracting activities. For unlicensed activity please call (562) 345-7600;

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control administers the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act and regulates alcohol serving establishments. The local district office may be reached at (213) 833-6043;

The California Franchise Tax Board collects personal and business taxes for the State of California. For general inquiries please call (800) 852-5711;

Legal staff

Yibin Shen, Chief Deputy, Municipal and Code Enforcement Divisions
Michael Cobden, Deputy City Attorney 
Paula Rockenstein, Senior Legal Enforcement Analyst
Melanie Skehar, Deputy City Attorney
Eda Suh, Deputy City Attorney

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