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FAA Airport Traffic Record

The data in these reports is generated by the Federal Aviation Administration local Air Traffic Control Tower located at Santa Monica Airport, and forwarded to the City on a monthly basis. The first page of each report represents the total operations for a specific month broken down into two distinct groups, Local and Itinerant.  The second page of each report represents Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) itinerant operations. 

Departure Operation Reports

Vector Airport Solutions has been contracted by the City to administer the Airport's Landing Fee Program.  Departure information is derived from Vector's database and is displayed chronologically.  The reports are generated by Vector Airport Solutions,  forwarded to the City on a monthly basis, and posted on the City of Santa Monica's Open Data portal:

Click here for link to SMO Departure Operations Reports. 

Glossary of Terms

  • “Local Traffic” is defined as an aircraft that stayed within the Airport’s Class D controlled airspace, generally within 5 nautical miles of the airport or within the airport traffic pattern.
  • “Itinerant Flights” either arrived from, or departed to, the outside of the Class D controlled airspace.
  • "Operation" is defined as one takeoff or one landing.
  • "VFR" is defined as Visual Flight Rules
  • "IFR" is defined as Instrument Flight Rules
Note:  Archived FAA Airport Traffic Records can be found as Appendix A in the monthly Airport Commission Meeting Reports.

FAA Airport Traffic Reports and Noise Monitor 6 (RMS06) Monthly Data

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