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City Council Report


City Council Meeting: September 24, 2013

Agenda Item:3-D  

To:†††††††††††††† Mayor and City Council 

From:†††††††††† Dean Kubani, Director Office of Sustainability and the Environment

Subject:††††††† Agreement with EcoMotion for implementation of Solar Santa Monica Program



Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with EcoMotion, a California-based company, in an amount not to exceed $75,000 for implementation of the Solar Santa Monica program, with two additional one year renewal options in the amount of $75,000, for a total not to exceed $225,000 over a three year period with future year funding contingent on Council budget approval.



Executive Summary

EcoMotion has been contracted by the City of Santa Monica to administer the Solar Santa Monica Program since 2006.In this time they have successfully increased the rate of solar power installations on residential and commercial properties.A competitive bidding process was held in 2011 for program management services and EcoMotion was selected as the best bidder.The contract signed in 2011 included the option to extend the contract into future years.However, before the option to extend could be exercised the contract expired, necessitating a new contract with EcoMotion based on the terms of the 2011 contract.



Council approved development of the Community Energy Independence Initiative Demonstration Project on March 14, 2006.A competitive bidding process was performed for implementation of the demonstration project.†† EcoMotion was determined to be the best bidder and was awarded a $532,098 contract for Phase 1 of the Community Energy Independence Initiative on September 12, 2006.The Phase 1 demonstration project consisted of conducting focus group research to determine the major barriers to solar adoption and creating the program that would later be branded Solar Santa Monica, including establishing a network of solar providers, developing a marketing strategy, developing solar site evaluation procedures, developing templates for solar analysis reports and conducting solar analysis of residential and commercial property in Santa Monica.Subsequent contracts with EcoMotion for the implementation of Solar Santa Monica were awarded on January 22, 2008 for $236,050 to extend the demonstration project six months through FY 2007-08;†† on September 23, 2008 in the amount of $483,750 for FY 2008-09; on September 8, 2009 in the amount of $250,000 for FY 2009-10; on July 27, 2010 in the amount of $150,000 for FY 2010-11.The demonstration project successfully catalized a fivefold increase in solar installations in Santa Monica.


A competitive bidding process took place in 2011 for continued operation of the Solar Santa Monica program.Out of three respondents EcoMotion was determined to be the best bidder and was awarded a contract in the amount of $75,000 to perform services under the Solar Santa Monica program during FY 2011-12.A contract modification in the amount of $75,000 was signed for an additional year of service during FY 2012-13. The contract signed with EcoMotion on November 22, 2011 was modified on August 22, 2012 to extend the contract through June 30, 2013.The contract signed in 2011 included two one year options to extend, through the FY 2013-14 fiscal.However, that contract expired before the second option to renew was exercised.As a result a new professional services agreement is now required. EcoMotion has agreed to honor the original contract pricing for 5 years.




Increasing solar adoption through the continuation of the Solar Santa Monica Program is an important strategy for realizing reductions in GHG emissions needed to achieve the goals established in the Sustainable City Plan and the Climate Action Plan adopted by Council on February 26, 2013.


Contractor/Consultant Selection

On June 16, 2011, the Office of Sustainability and the Environment posted a Request for Proposals on the Cityís on-line bidding site for program development and implementation services for Solar Santa Monica.Three proposals were received and reviewed were evaluated based on the criteria in SMMC 2.24.072, including price, ability to deliver, and quality of work.EcoMotion was found to be the best bidder based

on their skill and experience developing and implementing solar financing mechanisms for other communities including the City of Palm Desert and Sonoma County.No other proposer had sufficient financial expertise in the energy sector.


During FY 2013-14, EcoMotion would perform the following tasks:


A performance target of 500 kW of installed solar capacity has been established for EcoMotionís efforts in FY 2013-14.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The contract to be awarded to EcoMotion is for an amount not to exceed $75,000 for FY 2013-14. Funds are available in the FY 2013-14 budget in division 01226. The contract will be charged to account 01226.555060.Budget authority for subsequent budget years will be requested in each budget for Council approval. Future funding is contingent upon Council approval and budget adoption


Prepared by: Matt Henigan, Energy Efficiency Engineer




Forwarded to Council:







Dean Kubani

Director, Office of Sustainability and the Environment


Rod Gould

City Manager