CITY OF SANTA MONICA



The following information is provided to all Santa Monica residents with the intent of clarifying the initiative and charter amendment process and to answer the most frequently asked questions.  Please note that any person soliciting signatures for an initiative must make this form available to any member of the public.


(At the end of this information sheet, please find the Ballot and Title Summary, as prepared by the Santa Monica City Attorney, for the A______@ measure currently being circulated in the City of Santa Monica.)


What is a City Measure?


A AMeasure@ is any charter amendment or other proposition or initiative (ordinance) submitted to a popular vote at any election.


How does a Measure get on the ballot?


In order to qualify for placement on the ballot of regular or special future municipal election, proponents of a measure must follow the process outlined in the State Elections Code.  Section 9200 provides for the initiative process and Section 9255 provides for the charter amendment process.  In addition, Chapter 11 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code provides clarification and local requirements for proposed measures.  You may obtain a copy of the full text of these laws from the Santa Monica City Clerk=s Office.


Why are the proponents asking me to sign the petition?


In order to qualify a measure for placement on the ballot, proponents must obtain either 10% or 15% of the signatures of the registered voters in  the City for an initiative and 15% for a charter amendment.  As of June 7, 2001, there are 60,192 registered voters in the City.  In order to qualify an initiative, proponents must secure at least 6,019 signatures.  In order to qualify a charter amendment, proponents must secure at least 9,029 signatures.


What if I don=t understand what the petition means or what will happen if it passes?


Proponents of a measure are required to print the full text of the measure, as well as the City Attorney=s ballot title and summary, on the petition above the signature lines.  You have the right, and are encouraged, to read it completely and to ask questions before you decide whether to sign the petition or not.  In addition, you have the right to ask the signature gatherer for any of the following information:


C                     are you a volunteer or a paid signature gatherer?

C                     are you being paid per signature or hourly rate, and if so, how much?

C                     if compensation is non-monetary, what kind of compensation are you receiving?


What if I sign the petition, but change my mind later?


Any voter who has signed any initiative or referendum petition, and who subsequently wishes his or her name withdrawn, may do so by filing a written request for the withdrawal of the signature with the City Clerk=s Office.  This request must be filed prior to the date the proponents file the petition with the City Clerk.  (Elections Code Section 9602.)


What other information can I obtain regarding a proposed measure?


If you would like a copy of the full text of the measure, or if you have any other questions related to measures or elections, please call the City Clerk=s Office at (310) 458-8211.


                             CITY ATTORNEY=S BALLOT TITLE AND SUMMARY:


An Initiative Measure Amending Various City Charter Provisions  And Adding a Section to The Municipal Code to Replace ____________________



AThis measure would amend the City Charter and Municipal Code provisions governing _____________________,


A(The ballot title and summary would be printed in full.)@