Item 8-C

City Council Meeting 12-5-00                                                        Santa Monica, California






TO:                  Mayor and City Council


FROM:            City Staff


SUBJECT:     Ordinance Adding Section 9.36.300 to the Santa Monica Municipal Code to Designate as an Historic District the Properties Located at 137, 141, 145 and 147 Bay Street







At its meeting on November 28, 2000, the City Council introduced for first reading an ordinance adding Section 9.36.300 to the Municipal Code to designate as an Historic District the properties located at 137, 141, 145 and 147 Bay Street.   The ordinance is now presented to the City Council for adoption.



Staff recommends that the Council adopt the attached ordinance.


PREPARED BY:       Marsha Jones Moutrie, City Attorney

Barry Rosenbaum, Senior Land Use Attorney


Attachment 1 - Ordinance