Item 8-B

City Council Meeting 12-5-0000                                                      Santa Monica, California






TO:                  Mayor and City Council


FROM:            City Staff


SUBJECT:     An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Santa Monica Amending Santa Monica Municipal Code Sections 4.04.280 and 4.04.290 Relating to Dangerous Animals







The City Council directed the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance which would give the City=s Animal Control Officers the power to deal with vicious animals other than dogs.  The attached proposed ordinance responds to the Council=s direction and is presented for first reading.



The City has received complaints from residents about attacks by vicious cats.  In response to these complaints, the Council directed staff to propose amendments to the Municipal Code which would give animal control officers the power to take action in response to such complaints.



The attached proposed ordinance amends Santa Monica Municipal Code Sections 4.04.280 and 4.04.290 to widen their application from vicious dogs only to dangerous dogs, cats and other animals. 


Apart from broadening the application of these sections, the proposed amendment would not change the basic approach.  After receiving a sworn statement that a particular dog, cat or other animal had bitten a human or other animal, an animal control officer would investigate.  If the investigation showed that the animal was dangerous, the owner would be ordered to keep the animal confined within a suitable enclosure.  The failure to do so would be a misdemeanor.


Financial/Budget Impact

The proposed ordinance has no financial or budgetary impact.



It is respectfully recommended that the accompanying ordinance be introduced for first reading.


PREPARED BY:       Marsha Jones Moutrie, City Attorney

Betty Haviland, Chief Deputy, Criminal Division

Claudia Thompson, Legal Admin. Staff Asst.

James T. Butts, Jr., Chief of Police

Sgt. Mike Cortrite


Attachment 1 - Ordinance