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Seascape Community Newsletter

All the City news and events you loved from the print version are now accessible on your desktop, tablet and smart phone like never before! More stories in an easy-to-read format, big, bold photos and video! That’s right; Seascape comes to life with the people behind the stories sharing their experiences in their own words.

Seascape is a publication of the City of Santa Monica, published ten times annually, to inform residents about City programs and services.  Please e-mail editorial information and comments to


January/February 2020 Seascape Thumb

   Featured highlights include:

  • Program Assists Low Income Seniors With Basic Needs
  • A Letter From Mayor Kevin McKewon
  • Preserving Our Diversity (POD) Program Offers Economic Assistance to Seniors in Santa Monica
  • Youth Poet Laureate to Speak at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 35th Annual Celebration
  • Your City At Work - Addressing Affordability
  • Working to Keep Santa Monica Affordable
  • A Practical Toolkit About Affordability
  • How Rent Control and State Law AB 1482 Impacts You

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