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Los Amigos Park, a Friend to the Environment

The Los Amigos Park Storm Water Harvesting and Direct Use Demonstration Project truly is a friend to the environment. This project is a collaborative effort between the City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. This project involves capturing urban runoff from a storm drain near the park, pretreating flows with a hydrodynamic separator, storing flows in a subsurface storage system, and treating the water with ultraviolet (UV) light before it is used for irrigating and flushing toilets within the park.

The park is shared by two elementary schools during the day and by the City and various youth sports leagues at night and on weekends. Rather than discharging polluted waters into the Santa Monica Bay, this project reduces pollutant loads, offsets potable water use, and uses urban runoff as a resource. This project also aligns with the goals set forth in the Santa Monica Bay Jurisdictional Group 2 and 3 (J2&3) Enhanced Watershed Management Program (EWMP) Plan and the City’s goal of becoming more sustainable.

Construction for this project began in July 2016 and costs just under $2 million. This project will store approximately 53,000 gallons of urban runoff and offset up to 550,000 gallons of potable water each year. The City is paving the way towards the future, as storm water and urban runoff become a resource rather than a waste. 


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