Los Amigos Park Stormwater Demonstration Project

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The Los Amigos Park Stormwater Harvesting & Direct Use Demonstration Project is a grant funded project to demonstrate the effectiveness of harvesting urban runoff for beneficial uses such as indoor flushing and park irrigation, which currently use potable (drinking) water.


The project is expected to treat up to 550,000 gallons of stormwater and dry-weather runoff annually. The demonstration project will provide results on design, installation, and operation which will be relevant and transferable to other projects and help break down barriers to local water resource development.


The northwest portion of the park, adjacent to Hollister Avenue, will house the majority of the project. Stormwater and dry-weather discharges from a Los Angeles County storm drain along 5th Street, receives runoff from a 50-acre urbanized watershed, will be diverted into a pre-treatment system before entering an underground cistern for storage. After passing through an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system, treated water will be delivered to the adjacent park restrooms for indoor flushing, as well as the park irrigation system.


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Allan Sheth (310) 458-8721
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