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The City of Santa Monica’s pavement assets include approximately 155 centerline miles of roadway. The City’s Engineering Division implements an annual paving program to maintain and improve the City’s roadways for the safety of the traveling public.  

Each year, the Engineering Division inspects the roadways and identifies those streets that require repair or reconstruction. During inspection the condition of the pavement is evaluated and measured using a pavement condition index rating system. This approach assigns a numerical rating to each section of road being evaluated for the presence of various distresses and the severity level of each distress (low, medium, high). A database program tracks the pavement condition and the history of maintenance of every roadway section. As a result of a proactive pavement maintenance strategy and adequate funding, the average condition of the street pavement in the City is very good. Over the last five years, Santa Monica has maintained an average Pavement Condition Index(PCI) of 82. The City’s stated PCI goal is 80.

During FY2014-15, the Annual Paving Program constructed many improvements throughout the City, including:

  • • Street paving: on residential streets in the Mid-city neighborhood (between Santa Monica Boulevard, Montana Avenue, 15th Street, and 26th Street); on 2nd Street between Colorado Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in the downtown; on Ocean Avenue between Seaside Terrace and Pico Boulevard; on the westbound I-10 Freeway off-ramps for Lincoln Boulevard, 5th Street and 4th Street; and on Moomat Ahiko Way between Ocean Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).
  • • Green bicycle lanes were installed on 2nd Street from Colorado Avenue to California Avenue in the downtown, and other striping modifications were completed on newly paved, adjacent, connecting, or priority streets to continue implementing recommendations of the City’s Bicycle Action Plan.
  • • Damaged curbs, gutters, driveways and sidewalks were repaired or replaced at approximately 3,000 locations citywide.
  • • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compatible curb ramps were installed as necessary on newly paved streets.

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Hany Demitri, Civil Engineer, 310-458-2201 ext. 5385
200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite J, Santa Monica, CA 90401