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Improvements on Lincoln Boulevard, south of the I-10 freeway are complete. The Lincoln Boulevard Resurfacing project provided much needed pavement maintenance for this vital transportation corridor. Lincoln Boulevard was relinquished to Santa Monica by Caltrans and the City undertook the project, funded by the Federal Government, which included:

• Rehabilitating the roadway with new asphalt for a smoother and quieter Lincoln Boulevard – the difference is noticeable!
• Repairs to concrete sidewalks.
• Enhanced striping including better crosswalk markings and left-turn lanes and/or pockets.
• Installation of traffic signal cameras at five signalized intersections that can be programmed to detect & serve both vehicles and bicycles.

Construction commenced June 2013 and was completed by early September 2013. 

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Construction on this project is complete.

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24-Hour Project Hotline (855) 692-4895

Public Works:

Hany Demitri, Civil Engineer, 310-458-2201 ext. 5385

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Linda Gamberg, Marketing & Public Information Officer, 310-458-6326

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