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Construction is complete on the Civic Center Parks, two centrally-located parks that are transforming Santa Monica's Civic Center. As envisioned in the Civic Center Specific Plan, these parks will provide an important gateway with a strong connection to iconic Palisades Park and the Santa Monica Pier. They will be public spaces that will play an important role within the community - culturally, socially and recreationally. The project site encompasses roughly 7 acres in the heart of Santa Monica, from the footsteps of City Hall to Ocean Avenue and from the 10 Freeway to the future Olympic Drive, and is comprised of: 

Tongva Park is located on a 6-acre site located between Ocean Avenue and Main Street, across from Santa Monica City Hall. Construction on Tongva Park began in spring 2012 and was completed in September 2013. Four distinct areas in Tongva Park are yours to explore:
• Garden Hill - featuring intimate display gardens that showcase dynamic native and appropriately adapted local plant palettes that change with the seasons.
• Discovery Hill - featuring whimsical play elements for children with hill slides, a music wall and forts set in a lush landscape.
• Observation Hill - featuring spectacular views of the ocean, Pier and the park itself.
• Gathering Hill - featuring open space for relaxation, picnics and get-togethers, as well as a sculpture by artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle.

Ken Genser Square is located on a 1-acre site immediately in front of Santa Monica City Hall and directly across Main Street from Tongva Park. Construction on Ken Genser Square began in September 2012 and is estimated to be completed in fall 2013. Ken Genser Square offers an inviting new front lawn and public gathering space for City Hall

Completing the arroyo theme, the two parks are linked together by mesmerizing water elements that start as a single runnel flowing west from City Hall and dramatically increase in presence and volume as you move closer toward the ocean. 

Check out the Tongva Park website or join the email list. 


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This project is not currently under construction.

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City Project Manager: Brooke Sween-McGloin (310) 458-2205

Landscape Architect: James Corner Field Operations

Contractor: W.E. O'Neil Construction Company

Project Status: Complete

200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite J, Santa Monica, CA 90401