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The 3rd Court Water Main project was completed in June 2012!

Completion of this project, located in 3rd Court, between Broadway and Wilshire Blvd., will ensure the continued reliable delivery of water to the Downtown area. The ten month project, which began in September 2011, was challenging due to the busy Downtown location. The City and Downtown Inc. worked together to help inform and accommodate affected businesses. The work was implemented in multiple phases, one block at a time, to provide the least possible disruption to the Downtown area. Two-way traffic was allowed outside of the immediate work area to preserve access for businesses and deliveries. The work area was covered and the alley was reopened at the end of each work day. In addition, a construction moratorium was observed from December to January during the busy holiday season.

Summary of the work completed:

• Installation of a temporary bypass main to allow water service throughout construction
• Trenching, removal of existing pipe, and installation of 2200 feet of new 12 inch ductile iron pipe between Broadway and Wilshire Boulevard replacing an aging 8 inch cast iron pipe. Ductile iron is a much stronger material that is not as brittle as cast iron.
• Installation of new gate valves that will allow City water crews to isolate smaller sections of pipeline should work need to be done in the future. This will reduce the number of impacted businesses.
• Installation of new service laterals were installed to each property for fire and domestic services.
• Reconnection of services to the new main, removal of the bypass main and replacement of the disturbed concrete, matching existing scoring patterns as close as practicable.


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Construction on this project is complete.

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Christopher Lamm (310) 458-8721 ext 6323
200 Santa Monica Pier, Suite J, Santa Monica, CA 90401