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Incorporating key Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) principles, the 20th Street and Cloverfield Boulevard Improvement project connects transportation, bicycle, and pedestrian movement.  The concept design for the project was evaluated and assessed from both an urban design perspective and a long term traffic/transportation strategy. The improvements outlined below were implemented on 20th St. and Cloverfield Blvd. from Pico Blvd. to the I-10 Freeway.

Main features will include:  


New Trees

On 20th Street, thirty-six (36) existing bottlebrush trees were replaced with approximately 107 new trees to provide more substantial canopy. On Cloverfield Boulevard new trees were planted at selected landscaped areas using an innovative modular underground bio-retention system known as a “Silva Cell.”  All tree species were selected based on their site suitability, performance under the location conditions, and nursery availability.

Bicycle Enhancements

In order to facilitate the integration of 20th Street into the City's larger bicycle network, “sharrows,” “bike boxes,” and bicycle detection devices were incorporated to improve the overall bicycle environment.

New Pedestrian Lighting and Sidewalk Replacement

Improving the quality, character and functionality of the streetscape requires an update to the existing sidewalk environment.  New pedestrian-oriented lighting poles (13-17 feet high) were installed on both streets to encourage pedestrian and bicyclist use in the evening.  Portions of existing sidewalks were reconstructed to comply with current pedestrian accessibility guidelines.

Additional Pedestrian and Bicycle Network Connections through Modifications to Traffic Signalization and Roadway Improvements

Improving the north/south and east/west pedestrian and bicycle connections citywide are long-term objectives proposed by the Draft LUCE.  In order to gradually improve connectively, improvements to the traffic signal and intersection configuration at the 20th Street off-ramp at Michigan Ave. were reconfigured to promote increased circulation.

Modification of Existing Traffic Signals and Streetlight Circuit Upgrades

An upgrade to the existing series streetlight circuit is necessary for enhanced lighting.  Additionally, traffic signal equipment in the area was upgraded to be consistent with the future Citywide Advanced Traffic Management System.  The traffic signals at the intersection of I-10 off-ramp and 20th Street, and the intersection of Pico Boulevard and 20th Street underwent complete upgrades.  Minor traffic signal modifications were made at the intersections of Delaware Avenue and 20th Street, I-10 on-ramp and Cloverfield Boulevard, and Virginia Avenue and Cloverfield Boulevard.


Construction began in June 2012 and was completed in February 2013. 

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Construction on this project is complete.

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