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Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunt begins February 28th


How to Play:

1. Download the GooseChase App  Apple or Google 

2. Register for an account

3. Search for "Meatless in March 2018"

4. Join the game and start playing (Game will start on February 28th)

5. Complete missions by snapping a photo, sending a text, or entering your GPS location

6. The more missions completed, the more points received.

7. The more points you earn, the more chances to win. Prize drawings at four levels. 



(You must be 18 years old to participate)



Missions will include a wide variety of activities such as visiting local restaurants and ordering specific menu items, attending the Wasted! film screening, or shopping at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Additional missions may be added throughout March. 



Prize Levels:

When you reach the required number of points, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes at that level. Winners will be announced in early April.


Here are the prize levels and some of the prizes:

Platinum - 6 prizes valued at $250+

1000 points

Private Dinner for 2 cooked by top chef to the stars

Vegetarian Cooking Class


Gold - 8 Prizes valued at $100 to $249

500 to 999 points

Spa Package


Silver - 15 prizes valued at $50 to $99

250 to 499 points

Restaurant Gift Cards

Cooking Kit from Tasty


Bronze - 15 prizes valued at up to $49

150 to 249 points

Restaurant gift cards

Vegan/Vegetarian Cookbooks


Prizes from Business include:

Back on the Beach

Gourmandise School

Imperfect Produce


Pono Burger

Santa Monica Bike Center

Veggie Grill

Willow Spa

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