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Notices of Intent to Remove/Replace Street & Park Trees

The Urban Forest Master Plan outlines an appeals process. To appeal the removal of a tree, please complete the tree removal appeal form available at

The site will be surveyed for replanting and any replacement species will be in compliance with the Urban Forest Master Plan.

For questions or concerns regarding tree removals, you may contact the Public Landscape Division at 310-458-8974 or


12-08-2017 Tree Removals

12-06-2017 Tree Removals (Santa Monica City Hall)

12-01-2017 Tree Removal (Prospect Ave)

11-01-2017 Tree Removals

10-04-2017 Tree Removal

09-21-2017 Tree Removals

09-06-2017 Tree Removal 

08-25-2017 Tree Removals (Santa Monica City Hall)

08-24-2017 Tree Removals

08-22-2017 Tree Removal 

08-08-2017 Tree Removals (Santa Monica Airport)

07-12-2017 Tree Removals

06-19-2017 Tree Removals

05-26-2017 Tree Removals

04-20-2017 Tree Removals

04-18-2017 Tree Removals (Palisades Park)

03-15-2017 Tree Removals

02-15-2017 Tree Removals 

01-06-2017 Tree Removals

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