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Yate tree Eucalyptus cornuta 

Yate tree #3

Photo credit: Dave Baiocchi,

­­­Yate trees (Eucalyptus cornuta) originated in Western Australia. Eucalyptus means "well hidden" and cornuta means "horned," for the long, horn-like cap of the flower. These trees are evergreen with an open form and can grow to between 40ft and 70ft (12m-21m) high. They have round or oblong grey-green leaves and yellow-green or bright yellow flowers that appear in a cluster called an umbel (stalks of nearly equal length that spring from a common center). The bark of this tree is a light gray and relatively smooth.

The Yate in Goose Egg Park is approximately 90ft (27m) high with a 60ft (18m) canopy spread and a diameter of 45in (114cm). It is thought to be over 100 years old. Its unique aesthetics include a buttress and double leader.

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