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About Santa Monica's Urban Forest: Facts

There are over 34,000 trees in Santa Monica's Urban Forest. That's a lot of trees.
In fact, if you laid them out end to end, they would stretch from the Santa Monica Pier all the way to Palm Springs.

Santa Monica's trees are worth $141 million by their replacement value alone. When environmental benefits are also considered, the Santa Monica urban forest is worth $300 million. These benefits include valuable energy savings through shading, air filtration, reduction of stormwater runoff, carbon sequestration, and more.


Santa Monica's Top 15 Tree Species
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Age of Santa Monica's Urban Forest
Studies show that the average lifespan of a street tree is only 60 years.
In Santa Monica:

  • 40% of the forest is between 20-40 years old. 20% of the forest is less than 20 years old
  • 90% of the Date Palms and 80% of the Fan Palms are older than 40 years old
  • 40% of the Ficus are over 40 years old
  • Less than 5% of the Cedar and less than 2% of the Canary Island Pines are over 100 years old

Financial Benefit of Santa Monica's Urban Forest
A study conducted by the US Forest Service in 2001 found that for every $1 spent on tree care, we receive $1.62 in returned benefit. This cost-benefit analysis compared the financial and environmental benefits of our trees with the amount spent on maintaining them.
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A recent municipal forest assessment by the USDA concluded that the total annual benefits of Santa Monica's street trees is $5,125,824 or $180.02 per tree. Learn more about the annual benefits of our street trees as well as how Santa Monica compares to a model of an ideal urban forest and how it stacks up against other southern California communities here.

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