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Pedestrian Safety Home

Drive safely. Think of the impact you could have.

1. Pedestrians have the right of way whenever they are in the road, regardless of where they are. Respect the rights of pedestrians – stop and wait.

2. When making right turns, and left turns against traffic, STOP and look for pedestrians before making your turn.

3. Obey the posted speed limits and use common sense in congested areas.

4. Slow down, be safe and be courteous when pedestrians are present.

5. Flashing red lights are treated like stop signs at crosswalks. Stop – look – THEN proceed. And always stop for crossing pedestrians at intersections and marked crosswalks. Wait until they have safely reached the opposite curb to proceed.

6. There is never an excuse for drunk driving. If you’ve had too much to drink, get a taxi.

7. In the driver’s seat is the place to DRIVE - not multitask. Avoid distractions.

8. In particular, don’t text or play with your phone – it’s against the law and research shows it increases the likelihood of an accident 23.2 times over unimpaired driving.

9. Don’t drive aggressively and NEVER pass a vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk.

10. Watch out for the unexpected. Watch the road.

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