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Addressing Homelessness in Santa Monica


Chronic Homeless Project:
Prioritizing the Most Vulnerable 

The Chronic Homeless Program (CHP) began in 2004 to identify the most chronic and visible individuals who frequently engage first responders. The CHP is a collaborative effort between City Departments and local service providers to connect this population to services and housing. 

Starting in 2008, CHP individuals’ level of vulnerability determined their priority ranking on the City’s by-name Service Registry, a tool to triage limited services and housing. The Service Registry is incorporated into the SPA 5 Coordinated Entry System (CES), which is the county-wide system for prioritizing individuals for housing using a universal assessment tool.

Chronic Homeless Project: Santa Monica's Service Registry

 Results: Jan. 2008 - Sept. 2018

   400 participants
   299 (75%) considered vulnerable
   240 (60%) permanently housed 
   194 (65%) vulnerable housed 

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