Chronic Homeless Project:
Santa Monica’s Service Registry

The Chronic Homeless Project (CHP) represents Santa Monica's effort to serve chronically (long term) homeless individuals in our community. Established in 2004, the CHP's focus is on persons who have been homeless in the City for a period of years, are the most visible in our community, and may be high users of police, paramedic and emergency room resources. The CHP is a collaborative effort between City Departments and local service providers to connect this population to services and housing.  

To assess the vulnerability of Santa Monica's homeless population, a Service Registry was created in 2008. This registry is used to track length of time on the streets, age, and both the physical and mental health of participants. The City of Santa Monica was one of the first communities in the country to develop a registry, which includes the use of a Vulnerability Index. This Index takes the form of a survey conducted by our local service providers directly with the individual on the street (the survey was developed by Dr. Jim O'Connell of Boston's Healthcare for the Homeless). 

Registry participants with the highest vulnerability rankings are prioritized by the City for services and housing.  

Chronic Homeless Project: Santa Monica's Service Registry

 Jan. 2008 - September 2016

   374 participants
   301 (80%) considered vulnerable
   236 (63%) permanently housed 
   186 (62%) vulnerable housed 

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