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Addressing Homelessness in Santa Monica

City Services

The City of Santa Monica uses a coordinated approach to address homelessness. Several City Departments are key to this effort.  

Community & Cultural Services 

  • Human Services DivisionDevelops and implements social service policies and programs that address the needs of community members of all ages. 
  • Social Services Commission: The Commission advises City Council and staff with needs assessments, priorities, planning and budgetary implications for social service programs.

 Housing & Economic Development   

  • Housing Division: Assists service providers with securing housing vouchers for Service Registry participants. Also works to preserve existing affordable housing and create new opportunities for residents with low to moderate incomes.


 Santa Monica Police Department

  • Homeless Liaison Program (HLP Team): A six-officer unit that uses traditional law enforcement and social service strategies to address homeless issues. This special unit plays a key role in the City’s Action Plan by linking outreach and mental health services to mentally ill homeless individuals encountered by the police. The HLP Team also assists with identification of qualified individuals for the City’s Service Registry, Homeless Community Court, and Project Homecoming programs. 
  • Neighborhood Resource Officers: Each neighborhood has a dedicated NRO. They are the community's direct link to the Police Department. In addition to the HLP Team, if you are concerned about the wellbeing of a homeless individual in your area or have questions, contact your NRO.


 City Attorney's Office


 Santa Monica Fire Department 

  • As a first responder to homeless-related service calls, SMFD comes in contact with the most entrenched individuals with complex chronic disabilities. SMFD works with Human Services to identify frequent users of the system with repeated emergency room visits in an effort to connect these individuals with local healthcare providers, homeless services and permanent housing.
City Services
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