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Addressing Homelessness in Santa Monica

The Action Plan to Address Homelessness In
Santa Monica 

In February 2008, the City Council adopted the Action Plan to Address Homelessness in Santa Monica. This Action Plan established a vision statement, guiding principles, and suggested refinements to the City's homeless service system within six project areas: services, housing, evaluation, community education, public policy, and collaboration with regional partners. 

The Plan focuses efforts and resources, through partner agency services and City Initiatives, on serving and housing the most chronically  homeless individuals in our community.


The Action Plan was updated in 2009 and most recently in 2010 to reflect changing local and federal priorities and goals. The FY 2011-2014 Action Plan to Address Homelessness was created as a multi-year plan to reflect the City's Human Services Grant multi-year funding cycle; the FY 2015-19 multi-year grant cycle is currently underway. The 2010 update was also framed upon the federal plan to prevent and end homelessness, Opening Doors, and the goals of the HEARTH Act, for which the federal government is currently developing regulations that will further inform our Action Plan in the years to come.

In addition to the Action Plan, the Human Services Division presents updates to the Santa Monica City Council. To learn more about the services provided, read the latest Staff Report here.

The Action Plan
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