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Addressing Homelessness in Santa Monica

If you are you a Santa Monica Resident and... 

  • In danger of becoming homeless
    Please see our list of resources available in Santa Monica.  


If you are homeless in Santa Monica and...  

  • Have been homeless in the City for a long time
    You may be eligible for services and housing. Please contact a local service provider for more information.
  • Currently homeless in Santa Monica and have family or friends that may be able to provide permanent housing support in your community of origin
    Santa Monica's Project Homecoming may be an option for you.  Please contact a local service provider or the SMPD HLP Team at 310-458-8953 for information on eligibility.


The Homeless Services and Resource Guide for Santa Monica may also be of help.



If you are located outside of Santa Monica and...

  • In danger of becoming homeless
    Please contact city or county officials in your community. Santa Monica does not have resources to assist residents of other cities.
  • Having trouble paying your mortgage
    If you are currently housed in Los Angeles County, please contact the Los Angeles Center for Foreclosure Solutions at 1-888-995-HOPE (1-888-995-4673). 
  • Having trouble finding help
    Call 211. This call is free from any phone. You can also visit for more information on the services in your community.

Please note:  If you are currently homeless and located outside of Santa Monica, we recommend you contact local officials in your home area. Services and housing in Santa Monica are prioritized for individuals and families whose last permanent address was within Santa Monica, and for individuals and families that have been chronically homeless in our city for an extended period of time.  


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