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We are honored to have been selected by Hunger Action LA to supply Market Match at our Saturday Pico Farmers Market.


Market Match


Learn more about Market Match by clicking here

Learn more about Hunger Action LA by visiting their website, or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.






ZeroWasteStation Bike Valet bag



Zero Waste


Landfill waste is a growing concern for many.  The Santa Monica Farmers Markets proudly boast two markets which have transitioned to Zero Waste reducing the impact on our environment by diverging all waste created at the markets away from landfills to alternate waste streams.  All products sold at the farmers market, including food packaging, are either compostable or recyclable.  To learn how to green your event, follow the link below.

Planning a Zero Waste Event


Bike Valet


Riding a bicycle to the Farmers Market reduces traffic congestion and pollution.  The Sunday Main Street Farmers Market hosts a free bike valet every weekend for customers.


Battery Recycling


Bring your used batteries to the Santa Monica Farmers Markets. We will recycle them for you!


Share a Bag Program


An exchange for durable, reusable bags in the community. The idea is simple enough. If you have an extra reusable bag, leave it with any participating shop or farmers market. If you need a bag, visit the exchange bin at the Farmers Markets to pick one up free of charge.  If you have an extra bag, leave it in the exchange bin for someone who needs it.

Last updated: 8/16/2017

Market Schedule

Open Rain or Shine



The Saturday Downtown Market will be closed following Thanksgiving, November 28, 2020, please visit our other Saturday market in Virginia Avenue Park.  

Check back for 2020 winter holiday closures in November.

Wednesday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th & Ocean)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th & Ocean)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Virginia Ave. Park

Find the Pico farmers at downtown on Saturdays

Sunday Main St.

Find the Main Street farmers at downtown on Saturdays


Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB)!

No live animals are allowed in Farmers Markets 
Chapter 8, Article 6, Section 114259.5



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