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We are honored to have been selected by Hunger Action LA to supply Market Match at our Saturday Pico Farmers Market.


Market Match


Learn more about Market Match by clicking here

Learn more about Hunger Action LA by visiting their website, or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.





Information Booth Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to the operations of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets and are greatly appreciated. Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of six months and 36 hours of service. Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks at the Farmers Market Information Booths:

  • Set up the information booth table and signs
  • Answer customer inquiries and direct customers in search of specific vendors or products
  • Run the EBT Machine and distribute scrip for food stamps
  • Collect and organize paperwork at the end of the market
  • Miscellaneous projects and outreach as needed


Youth Education Volunteers (Youth Veg-ucation)

Education Volunteers consist of the Field Trip Teacher, Food Manager, and After School Cooking Class volunteers who teach children about the wonders of the market, contribute to the lesson plans, and gather ingredients from vendors for demonstrations and activities.   


Field Trip Teacher and Food Manager

  • Shop for produce at the Wednesday Downtown Farmers Market
  • Assist in preparing samples for market field trip classes to K-2nd grade students
  • Assist in teaching / independently teaching 20-minute presentations to K-2nd grade students (up to 25 students per class, 2 classes per day)
  • Assist in cleaning, breaking down booth, and making suggestions for following week’s class
  • Must be available Wednesdays from 8:30 am - 11:30 am

After School Cooking Class Volunteer

  • Lead 2 hour cooking classes for students at after school programs
  • Assist in preparing farmers market ingredients for demonstrations and activities
  • Commuting to after school site
  • Must be available Wednesdays 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Seasonal Events Volunteers

Volunteers table at and assist with seasonal events within and outside of the SMFMs. Seasonal events include:
  • May: LA Times Food Bowl, CalFresh Awareness Month
  • August: National Farmers Market Week
  • September: Buy Local Health & Fitness Festival, Chile Roast, Hunger Action Month, Food Literacy Month
  • October: Pumpkin Decorating, All You Can Carry Pumpkin Patch, COAST Open Streets Festival, Farm to School Month
  • November: National Diabetes Month
  • December: Healthy Soils Week


Volunteer Qualifications:

  • College aged or above
  • Reliable, responsible, and punctual
  • Excellent verbal, customer service, and communication skills
  • Comfortable working with a wide variety of people (if Information Booth Volunteers)
  • Comfortable working with a children (if Education, After School Market, or Children's Activity Volunteers)
  • Enjoy working outdoors
  • Enthusiasm for Farmers Markets, small farmers and locally grown produce, social media, marketing, education and environmental sustainability!


How to Apply

Click here to access the application.

For any questions please feel free to contact our Volunteer/Intern Coordinator at SMFMS.Volunteer@SMGOV.NET


For more detailed job descriptions, check out our Volunteer Manual!



January Volunteer of the Month: Jeff Berger


Jeff is a dedicated Information Booth Volunteer here at the Santa Monica Farmer's Markets. A Los Angeles native, Jeff first began volunteering with us four years ago. Inspired by a close friend, Jeff has been able to maintain a vegetarian diet by shopping at the farmers market weekly and decided to give back to the community. Jeff is partial to the Wednesday Downtown Market and works the morning volunteer shift. He then takes the opportunity to get his weekly shopping done. Jeff explains that he enjoys his routine at the farmers market and calls it his happy place. Jeff sets up the Information Booth at the Wednesday Downtown Market and assists in checking-in the farmers and local vendors. Jeff enjoys a cup of coffee, the ocean view, and the human interaction that comes with volunteering at the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets. On his volunteering experience Jeff says: "With everything that goes on and everything you get thrown at it’s just a nice way to zen out and get back to humanity 101. It’s my happy place to be quite honest." Morning customers and farmers are welcomed to the Wednesday Downtown Farmers' Markets by a calm, cool, and people-oriented Jeff Berger. Jeff reminds us to keep in touch with the humanity of the work we do here at the Santa Monica Farmer's Markets.  

December Volunteer of the Month: Jackie Jackie Lovell



Jackie Lovell is a mother and grandmother, a resident of the Pico Community here in Santa Monica, and an Information Booth Volunteer at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets. Jackie has been volunteering with us for 3 years and has been steadfast in her role as a volunteer. Motivated by her training as a health coach, Jackie began volunteering so as to directly support local farming and promote seasonal food shopping. When she is not volunteering her time at the Wednesday Downtown Market, helping farmers check out of the market, or at the Pico Market at Virginia Ave. Park on Saturday mornings, helping set up and interfacing with the community, Jackie is working on art projects or practicing her African-style drumming. Jackie also enjoys keeping active, riding her bike through the city, and takes care of her grandson. When asked why she continues volunteering with us Jackie says: “I like to volunteer to stay busy, be involved in the community and contribute. I really believe in local farming and the seasonal food idea. I just wanted to support that. And I like the community – I love the people that I work with.” Jackie also notes the importance of new-found friendships and community ties she has built while working with us at the Farmers’ Markets. Jackie’s kindness and spirit is at the forefront of her work and enthuses us to continue community building at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets. 

November Volunteer of the Month: Cecilia "Cece" Talamantez-Bradley


 Cece volunteer of the Month


Cecilia "Cece" Talamantez-Bradley has been with the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets for 26 years and consistently inspires us to be active participants in our community. A member of the Pico neighborhood, Cece volunteers every Saturday at the Pico Farmers Market at the Virgina Ave. Park after her morning yoga class.On what keeps her motivated to volunteer with us Cece says: "[T]he latin, the passion in me inspires me to be an activist, participant in my community... I go forward I'm passionate about life, I'm retired now but I didn't think it'd be such a busy life!" Cece also notes just how happy she is to be an active member of her community: "I'm a happy camper, gratifies me to see people know their name – so they’re like an extended family and I love it. I see people that are in need of a hug in need of a little chat – in need of something and I can see it in their body language and I step up to the plate". Cece's warmth and caring heart shines through in her work at the Saturday Pico Farmers' Market. Farmers and patrons alike know they can expect a vibrant trip to the Information Booth when Cece is around. The Santa Monica Farmers' Markets team is grateful for the amazing job Cece has been doing. 


Last updated: 2/11/2019

Market Schedule

Open Rain or Shine



The Saturday Downtown Market will be closed following Thanksgiving, November 28, 2020, please visit our other Saturday market in Virginia Avenue Park.  

Check back for 2020 winter holiday closures in November.

Wednesday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th & Ocean)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th & Ocean)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Virginia Ave. Park

Find the Pico farmers at downtown on Saturdays

Sunday Main St.

Find the Main Street farmers at downtown on Saturdays


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No live animals are allowed in Farmers Markets 
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