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Current calls for applications

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Schedule of annual postings
Timeframes, requirements and other details subject to change.

Public Art Opportunities
See below for Gallery Group Exhibits and the Out of the Blue program.

Annenberg Community Beach House

Writer Residencies in Fall and Spring
Eligible: LA County residents
Posted: Annually in July
Length: 9 weeks each Oct-Dec & Jan-Mar
Offering: Office space, honorarium
Required: public events, office hours, blog posts.
Public Practice Immersion Residency: Out of the Blue
Eligible: LA County residents
Posted: Biennially in February
Length: 1-7 weeks July/August
Offering: office, outdoor space, publicity, honorarium
Required: site sensitive public oriented work, public practice, blog posts
Public Practice Immersion Residency: Choreographers
Eligible: LA County residents
Posted: Biennially in January
Length: ~3 months planning + 3 weeks in Sept/October
Offering: office, rehearsal and performance space, publicity, honorarium
Required: site sensitive public oriented work, public practice, blog posts
Gallery Group Exhibits
Eligible: Greater Southern California area residents
Posted: Annually in late summer
Length: 3-4 chosen per year, exhibits on display 2-4 months each
Offering: exhibit space, install/deinstall services, publicity, opening reception, optional public event
Required: 3 or more artists each show, artwork ready-to-hang, curatorial statement
Camera Obscura Art Lab
Studio Residency
Eligible: LA County residents 
Posted: August
Length: 3-6 chosen/yr for 14 weeks ea in Jan/Apr/Aug
Offering: studio usage, publicity, and closing exhibit with reception, honorarium
Required: weekly workshops, blog posts
Cultural Affairs Division Grants
(Check the Grants page for more information)

Community Access and Participation
Posted: February
Due: April

Arts Transportation Grants
Posted: September-mid November
Due: November

Santa Monica Artist Fellowship

Posted: December
Due: February
Organizational Support Program
Posted: winter 2019 period 2019-2023 closed
Due: winter 2019

Jazz on the Lawn
Paid Performance Opportunity
Eligible: professional jazz and jazz-related bands based in Southern California 
Other criteria: Have not previously played this series, accessible/upbeat/danceable/with vocals, preference given to bands with members who live/work in Santa Monica
Posted: Open annual call closes mid-April each year
How to submit: Email name of band, a brief 3-5 word description of band (for example ‘Ragtime, New Orleans jazz’),  a 2-3 sentence description of band, including the number of musicians and style of music, the band website, and a link to one video of the band performing to Allison Ostrovsky, Cultural Affairs Supervisor. Notification at end of May.
Takes place: Sundays in August from 5-7pm in Stewart Street Park
Last updated: 2/21/2019
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“Pursuing Green Office Certification”

To assist in the efforts of creating a sustainable city, Cultural Affairs not only recognizes the importance of incorporating the City’s sustainable design in its projects, but also values its role in creating a healthy work environment for staff that supports the City’s sustainability policies and models sustainable best practices for the office place.

Cultural Affairs is continuously working towards implementing sustainable practices that will provide staff with a greener and healthier workplace. We have implemented simple practices such as purchasing supplies that will have less impact on the environment, using less-toxic cleaning products, reducing waste, practicing water efficiency, and promoting green commuting by ride-sharing, walking and providing staff with a Bike@Work bicycle.

 Cultural Affairs' Green Office Certification is modeled after the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, a free program that provides sustainability consultation services to businesses that operate in Santa Monica.