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Parking Structure Improvement Projects

Multiple projects have been completed to improve the construction and design of City parking structures including:

  • Parking Structures #1-6 Facade Improvements Project
  • Parking Structure #2 Seismic Upgrade
  • Parking Structures #7 & 8 Upgrades 
Parking Structures #1-6 Facade Improvements Project

This project consisted of façade improvements to Parking Structures #2, #4 and #5 which include artist designed vehicle and pedestrian entry features and lighting enhancements.  In addition, the improvment also included painting the six downtown parking structures, concrete planter repairs, and replacing real-time parking availability monument signs. This project was funded by Redevelopment and Parking Authority Funds.

PS 2, 4, 5 Facade Improvements

The renovation of the façade of the Santa Monica Parking Structures #2, #4 and #5, with public artwork created by Cliff Garten Studio, is an integral improvement to the downtown Santa Monica experience. The three public parking structures, which act as the hallway to the downtown area, are rejuvenated with facades that are designed to create identity, improve aesthetics and wayfinding.

The public art components, a light column and façade signage panels, refer to motion. The rippling waves of the facade panels offer a subtle nod to the Pacific Ocean only a few blocks away. The 75’ column is perforated with an organically inspired pattern, water-jet cut into the metal to allow light to travel throughout the form. The contoured panels play with sunlight and shadow during the day and are illuminated with LED color at night.

Prior to the renovation of the facades, there were no features to distinguish between each location. The new design uses unique complimentary color schemes at each structure to assist in wayfinding. LED lighting provides not only intense color saturation but also is highly energy efficient, and is directed through the column and reflected on the ceiling of each floor of the structure. This vibrant combination sets the parking structures apart from their context and celebrates the entry to the downtown area.

Parking Structure #2 Seismic Upgrade 

Parking Structure #2 suffered damage as a result of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.  In 1999, a seismic evaluation identified a number of structural deficiencies within the structure and recommended measures to improve its structural performance.  This project included seismic upgrades to Parking Structure #2 in response to the recommendations identified in the 1999 seismic evaluation.  Work for this project began in Spring 2010 and was completed in Winter 2011.  



Parking Structures #7 & #8 Upgrades

Parking Structures #7 and #8 Upgrades involved the construction of capital improvements including exterior cladding, ground-level retail, bike parking, solar panels, public art and attendant parking systems.  Architects Pugh + Scarpa designed the façade, painting and public art improvements to Downtown Parking Structures #7 and #8 adjacent to Santa Monica Place.

Parking Structure 7 and 8 Upgrades  

For more information about these projects contact the Civil Engineering Division at (310) 458-8721.

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