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  • Ownership-Related Forms

    Property owners must notify the Rent Control Board whenever there is a change in how title is held on a rent-controlled property. This registration must be filed within 30 days of the transfer or change in ownership. Only original, signed forms will be accepted.

    Ownership Registration Form

    File this form within 30 days of any change in ownership or title. Proper registration requires that owners provide their principal street address, either residential or business. The Board will not accept as proper registration either a property manager’s address or a post office box.

    Change of Mailing Address 

    Use this form to permanently change the owner’s mailing address for all Rent Control correspondence (including the newsletter and the annual registration fee bill).

    Authorization Form 

    Use this form to authorize either specific people or corporations, such as a property management company, to file and complete Rent Control documents on behalf of a property owner. The owner must sign this form.

    Buyout Rights Disclosure Form

    Owners are required to use this form to disclose rights to tenants prior to making any buyout offer. Owners are required to keep completed forms for five years from the date they are executed.

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