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The “Three Amigos” Ready to Move


DATE: October 24, 2011

Karen Ginsberg, Assistant Director of Community & Cultural Services
(310) 458-8310  

Santa Monica – In preparation for the new Civic Center Parks, three large Ficus trees will be transplanted one per day starting at 8am on Tuesday, October 25, in Santa Monica’s Civic Center area. Affectionately known as the “Three Amigos,” the trio has grown together in a spot on the former RAND Corporation site for over 60 years.

Each tree weighs about 100 tons, making the move a challenging endeavor. The process began more than three months ago, when the trees were side-boxed and then given an adjustment period. Using two large cranes and a flat-bed truck, each tree will be carefully transported to a new spot on the lot across the street from City Hall where they will be placed in an alignment as close as possible to their current arrangement. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the highly skilled crew will co-mingle the branches of the trees to recreate the intertwined crowns that the trees have developed over time. The move is being conducted by American Landscape and Senna Tree Company, with guidance from the City’s Urban Forester and James Corner Field Operations.

The Three Amigos will join “Morty” and other mature Ficus trees to create a peaceful picnic area in the northeast corner of the planned new park located across the street from Santa Monica City Hall. Design of the Civic Center Parks is being led by the world-renowned firm, James Corner Field Operations with community input at every stage of design.

More information on the parks project may be found online at For questions about the move or the new Civic Center parks, call 310-458-8310 or email

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