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  • Waivers for Registration Fees and Surcharges 

    The Rent Control Law authorizes the Board to grant waivers of the annual registration fee for certain units.

    In addition, certain assessments on the annual property tax bill allow for certain tenants and property owners to apply for waivers or exemptions of those assessments.

    Application information, eligibility requirements, and required documentation, are listed below.

    Tenants: Waivers

    Senior Citizen Registration Fee Waiver 

    Available to most residents 62 years of age or older who are very-low-income. Applicants must submit proof of age and income. The maximum gross income amounts change every year. Current levels are listed on the form.

    Disabled Residents Registration Fee Waiver  

    Available to very-low-income residents who are disabled. Applicants must submit proof of disability and income. The maximum gross income amounts change every year and are on the form.

    Applicants who are not currently receiving SSI must also submit a Disability Certification form signed by their physican.

    Clean Beaches & Ocean Tax Waiver  

    Available to all low-income tenants. Proof of income must be provided along with the application. Tenants also need to provide a copy of their rent increase notice listing the Clean Beaches & Ocean Tax surcharge.

    Owners: Registration Fee Waivers

    Section 8 Fee Waiver

    Property owners may request a registration fee waiver for units occupied by participants in Section 8 or other government-funded rent subsidy programs.

    Owner-Occupied Fee Waiver

    Property owners who own at least a 25% interest in the property may apply for a registration fee waiver for the unit they occupy as their primary residence. Applicants must furnish proof of ownership and primary residence.

    Single Family Home or Separately Sold Condominium Fee Waiver Application

    Available to owners of single family homes or condominiums that have been separately sold for value. Applicants must submit proof that their residential unit is owner-occupied, vacant, or occupied by a tenant who moved in on or after January 1, 1996.

    Co-owner Application for Owner-Occupied Fee Waiver

    This form is for co-owners who jointly occupy a single unit as their primary residence and who together (but not alone) hold at least a 25% interest in the property. Applicants must furnish proof of ownership and primary residence.

    Owners: Exemption from Certain Property Tax Assessments

    Clean Beaches & Ocean Surcharge Exemption

    Low-income property owners should contact Neal Shapiro, Office of Sustainability and the Environment, at (310) 458-8223 to apply for an exemption from this tax.

    School District Special Tax (Measure R) Surcharge Exemption

    Owners may request an exemption from the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) charge that appears on property tax bills. To qualify, owners must:

    • be at least 65 years old by June 30 of the year they apply
    • own and occupy their property as their primary residence

    Applications are available in April and must be submitted by June 30. If granted, a renewal form will be sent automatically on an annual basis to the owner. Applications for first-time applicants are available online.

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