What’s the future of Santa Monica Airport?

Few issues have aroused such passions as the future of the Santa Monica Airport. And few issues are as controversial.

Last year, the voters of Santa Monica spoke.

They rejected Measure D, an initiative promoted by aviation interests that would have kept the City Council from closing the airport or restricting its use without a voter referendum. Residents approved Measure LC (Local Control), which provided “Subject only to limitations imposed by law, the City Council shall have full authority, without voter approval, to regulate use of the Santa Monica Airport, manage Airport leaseholds, condition leases, and permanently close all or part of the Airport to aviation use.”

The City Council is working to implement the voter’s mandate – in fact it is one the City government’s top three Strategic Goals.

When and how much power we have is the subject of two current legal disputes- one an administrative ruling due from the Federal Aviation Administration and the other litigation currently in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On October 15, 2015, the FAA delayed their ruling for a FOURTH time (to December 4, 2015) on whether the City's grant obligations to the agency expired on June 29, 2014 (which the City of Santa Monica maintains) or whether those restrictions run until 2023.

You can help ensure the City prevails in our fight for local control of the Santa Monica Airport!  Here are three ways to support Local Control and tell Washington: #FAADoYourJob

  1. Sign our online petition (below) for local control of the Santa Monica Airport. Stay informed on the latest Airport developments.
  2. Email the FAA and tell them to stop stalling and to do their job."
  3. Email Representative Ted Lieu of the 33rd Congressional District and Representative Karen Bass of the 37th Congressional District and express your support for their fight to get the FAA to do their job to protect the safety, health and security of this community.
  4. Post and Tweet your support for local control and use #FAADoYourJob.

Below are helpful links about the Future of the Santa Monica Airport and the fight for Local Control:



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