Successor Agency Documents:

Initial Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule:

  • On February 28, 2012, the Successor Agency adopted its Draft Initial Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule per AB 1X 26. CLICK HERE for the schedule.

SB341- Annual Report on the Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF):

  • The City of Santa Monica as Housing Successor must post certain information regarding the LMIHAF each Fiscal Year by December 31st. (Housing Successor Annual Report).

Former Redevelopment Agency Documents:

Five-Year Implementation Plan:

  • An implementation plan, which redevelopment programs are required to prepare every five years, are policy and program documents that describe the goals and objectives that the redevelopment program aims to achieve, outline planned programs and projects, and estimate expenditures proposed to be made during the next five years.
  • FY 2009-10 through FY 2013-14 Implementation Plan.

Redevelopment Annual Reports

Each year, an Annual Report is prepared summarizing the redevelopment programs and activities for the previous fiscal year.    

Redevelopment Project Area Plans

Each redevelopment project area has a redevelopment plan, which explains why the project area is necessary and how the goals and proposed programs outlined in the plan will meet the needs of the project area.

Redevelopment Agency Bond Documents

AB 987 Database of Affordable Units

  • State law AB 987 required redevelopment agencies to compile and maintain a database of new and substantially rehabilitated housing units developed or otherwise assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds. This is not a list of units available to rent. The database was updated annually in conjunction with the preparation of the former Redevelopment Agency's Annual Report. Those projects that are fulfilling Inclusionary and replacement Housing requirements of Community Law are noted accordingly. CLICK HERE for the list.