What about performers and artists? Where should I go to get a street performer permit?

  The City has specific locations along the Pier designated for performers. Performers do not need a vending license, but are required to have a Performers Permit (apply in person at the Business Office located 1717 4th Street, Santa Monica) and must abide by certain rules and restrictions. Santa Monica Municipal Code 6.112.020 (C) defines performers as those: playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, acting, pantomiming, puppeteering, juggling, reciting, engaging in magic, creating visual art in its entirety, or similar artistic endeavors. Activities that are not eligible include: (1) personal services such as hair weaving or massage; (2) application of paints, dyes, and inks to the skin such as temporary or henna tattoos; (3) the completion or other partial creation of visual art; (4) art that is mass produced or produced with limited variation; or (5) handcrafts such as jewelry, pottery, silver work, leather goods, and trinkets.


 More information about obtaining a permit is available at: https://finance.smgov.net/doing-business/business-license/street-performer-permit


  Once you have a Performers Permit, the Santa Monica Pier Corporation holds daily drawings at 9am, 11am, 2pm, and 5pm for performance locations on the pier. For more information contact the Pier Corporation at (310) 458-8901. Please check out the pier performer lottery guidelines.