Are there any retail or vendor cart spaces available? How do I apply?

  We are NOT currently accepting applications at this time.  To be notified of future pier vacancies and requests for proposals, please visit the email notification page.

  Vending carts on the Pier must be licensed by the City of Santa Monica and must abide by certain rules and restrictions. You may not set up a table or cart without a vending license from the City.  Vending Cart operators are selected by the City on a competitive basis. 

  When there is an upcoming vacancy the City will post a notice on the Pier's website and an email to notify prospective vendors of the opportunity and invite vendors to submit a proposal to the City. The City will provide instructions on how to submit a proposal and the deadline date a proposal must be submitted by. Leasing on the Pier is subject to a competitive public process and all proposals will be evaluated based on a set of criteria including applicability and quality of the perspective vendor's relevant experience, and uniqueness and compatibility of the proposed product with the Santa Monica Pier.


How much is a vendor license per month?

  Currently the monthly license fee for vendor carts is:

July, August, September $1,500.20 per month
October, November, December $1,153.99 per month
January, February, March $  749.95 per month
April, May, June $1,153.99 per month
Security Deposit $1,000


  If approved, a City of Santa Monica business license will also be needed. Please contact the business office at:

   If approved and you plan to operate a food or beverage cart, you will need to obtain a food service permit from the Los Angeles County Department of Health.  Los Angeles County Street Vending Compliance Program is (626) 430-5500


Can I vend on the Beach? 

  Vending on the beach is restricted. For a map of where vending is permitted please see the map located here:        

 For more information on street vending please see the following page:

Click here for more information on cart guidelines on the pier.