Event booking and planning can be done through the Santa Monica Pier Corporation.

Please call (310) 458-8901 for special event information, carousel rentals, and for filming or click here for their website.

General Information Plus Filming And Venue Requests
Plan Your Next Party In The Merry Go-Round (Carousel)

Carousel Main

Available for semi-private children's birthday parties as well as large private parties.

The Merry Go-Round (Carousel) will accommodate 500 people with a standing buffet and 250 for sit down dinners. 


The merry-go-round is one of the few surviving all-wooden Carousels in the world - less than 70 continue to operate today. The fanciful and elegant old machine, with its painted ponies and chariots, lights, brass poles and mirrors, turns as smoothly now as ever thanks to constant care and maintenance. In 1990, each of the horse was taken apart, restored and newly painted by one of the foremost Carousel craftsmen in America. Just three years ago the central bearing and machinery was completely restored.

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