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City of Santa Monica
Economic Development Division
1901 Main Street, Suite E
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Telephone: (310) 458-8906
Fax: (310) 391-9996


Our Mission

The City of Santa Monica Economic Development team is committed to promoting a sustainable and vibrant economy in Santa Monica. We foster partnerships to support businesses and community goals. We are helping to lead the City’s Economic Recovery Task Force efforts during COVID.  We work to optimize the use of City-owned properties, in accordance with Council guidelines. Our staff delivers programs and services to support local businesses, the City's business improvement districts, the Santa Monica Farmers Markets and other efforts that help enhance the quality of life in Santa Monica.


Economic Development Division 




Division Management; Economic Recovery Task Force Staff Co-Lead; Downtown Santa Monica, Inc., Liaison

Jennifer Taylor
Economic Development Manager

(310) 458-8906

Division Assistance and Accounts Payable, City Tenant Billing and Questions     

Seiky Gil
Division Assistant

(310) 458-8906

Pier + Beach Management; Santa Monica Pier Corporation Liaison

Elana Buegoff
Pier and Beach Administrator

(310) 458-8763

Main Street BID Liaison; Real Estate Management; Special Projects

Erika Cavicante
Senior Development Analyst

(310) 458-8756

Montana BID Liaison; Real Estate Management; Special Projects

Nia Tang
Senior Development Analyst

(310) 458-2201 x5795

Pico BID Liaison; Outdoor Dining; Special Projects

Natalie Verlinich
Senior Development Analyst

(310) 458-2201 x5722

Real Estate Project Manager- SM Airport Leases + Licenses; Special Projects

Kriss Casanova
Real Estate Project Manager

(310) 458-2201 x8766

Farmers Market

Farmers Market Program
Email: Farmers Market

Markets are open year round rain or shine!

Ph#: (310) 458-8712
Fax: (310) 391-9996

Wednesday Market
Arizona & 2nd St.

Jaclyn Rivera-Krouse
Farmers Market Manager
Wednesday Market Manager


Saturday Downtown Market
Arizona & 3rd St. Promenade

Jaclyn Rivera-Krouse
Farmers Market Manager
Saturday Downtown Market Manager


Saturday Pico Market
Virginia Ave Park (Pico @ 22nd St)

Kym Otterstedt
Farmers Market Coordinator I
Pico Market Manager


Sunday Main Street Market
Main St. & Ocean Park

Jodi Low 
Farmers Market Coordinator II
Main St. Market Manager


Billing and Education

Rufiena Jones-Soro
Farmers Market Assistant