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We're interested in what you have to say -- whether it's about an issue currently on the City Council agenda, the information you've read on this website, or another topic of community concern.

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Budget Suggestion Form

What do you think are the most important issues facing the City of Santa Monica in the coming year? What programs or services do you think should be funded to address those issues? Your suggestions on issues and funding will be considered as the staff and City Council determine budget priorities in the coming months and as the 2009-10 budget plan is refined prior to budget adoption in spring 2009. (View the current budget by clicking here.)

We invite you to submit your budget suggestions using this convenient form. Brief comments are best. Please be sure to review your information for accuracy before clicking the "submit" button. Your suggestions will be posted on our website to promote further public discussion and participation in the process.

All fields are optional with the exception of Budget Suggestion. 


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Budget Suggestion

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