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1 1815 Application for Exemption for Single Family Dwelling—Two Years’ Owner Occupancy
  1815 Declaration for Permanent Exemption for a Single Family Dwelling
A Authorization Form
B Base Amenities Petition
C Change of Mailing Address form
  Change of Ownership Registration Form for Individuals
  Change of Ownership Registration Form for Ownership held by Trust, Partnership, Corporation or LLC
  Clean Beaches & Ocean Tax Waiver (Tenants)
  Co-owner application for Owner-Occupied Fee Waiver
D Disabled Fee Waiver
  Disability Certificate
  Decrease Petition
E Excess Rent Petition (Complaint for Non-Registration and/or Excess Rent Receipt & Retention)
F First Registration & Instructions
I Increase Petition
N New Construction Exemption
  Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy
  Notice to Landlord (Decrease Petition)
O Owner-occupied Fee Waiver
  Owner-Occupied Exemption, 3 units or less
P Proof of Service (Decrease Petition)
R Registration of Parking Amenity
  Registration of Storage Space and/or Pets
  Rent Decrease Petition
S School District Special Tax (Measure R) Surcharge Exemption
  Section 8 Fee Waiver
  Senior Citizen Registration Fee Waiver
  Single Family Home or Separately Sold Condo Fee Waiver Application
T Tenant Not In Occupancy Petition (Petition for Determination of Tenant(s) Not in Occupancy and New Maximum Allowable Rent)

Vacancy Unit Registration form


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