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Registration Fees

Registration Fees and Fee Waivers

What is the registration fee?

The Rent Control registration fee finances the services provided to administer the Rent Control Law. Each year, the Rent Control Board determines the amount of the annual registration fee for all controlled rental units. Landlords initially pay the fee for each rental unit they own. If the fees are paid on time, the landlord may collect the fee as a monthly surcharge (the amount of the total fee for the unit divided into 12 monthly payments) from their tenants.

This year's annual registration fee for apartments is $156, which is $13 per month. Landlords who paid all outstanding registration fees by August 1st may with proper written notice recover the registration fee from tenants at the rate of $13 per month beginning in September.

Certain tenants may qualify for waivers of the registration fees. For more information on this, see What is a registration fee waiver?

What is a registration fee waiver?

The Board will waive this fee for units occupied by very low income seniors (62 years or older) or very low income disabled tenants. The tenant's total yearly household gross income must be less the following:

  • $26,100 for a one-person household
  • $29,800 for a two-person household
  • $33,550 for a three-person household
  • $37,260 for a four-person household

Fee waivers are also available for the following circumstances:

  • Units participating in the Federal Section 8 housing program are eligible for a Section 8 fee waiver.
  • Owners who reside in a unit on their property and who have at least a 25% ownership interest may qualify for an owner-occupied fee waiver.
  • Single family homes and condominiums occupied by tenants who moved in after January 1, 1996 may qualify for a separately sold unit fee waiver.

Fee waiver applications must be submitted on forms provided by the Board and documentation is required for each type of waiver. Contact an Information Coordinator to obtain an application or additional information.



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