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  •  Is Your Unit Subject to the Rent Control Law?

    The Rent Control Law went into effect on April 10, 1979. Virtually any unit in a building that existed at that time that was then or has since been used for residential rental purposes in Santa Monica is subject to the Rent Control Law. Specific exemptions are included in the Rent Control Law. For example, the Rent Control Law provides for exemptions for most units for which construction of the units was completed after April 10, 1979, as well as for most single-family homes, condominiums and owner-occupied properties that have three or fewer units. Most types of exemptions are NOT automatic and must first be approved by the Board. Whether a unit is subject to the Rent Control Law or not can also be affected by changes in the law over time and the history of the use of the specific unit. It is always best to check on the information available from the Rent Control Agency regarding the rent control status of a unit. If you have any questions regarding the rent control status of a unit, please call the Rent Control Agency at 310-458-8751 and ask to speak with an Information Analyst.

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