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The Rent Control Law limits evictions of tenants in controlled units.  Charter Amendment Section 1806 and Chapter 9 of the Rent Control Regulations govern evictions.

  • What are the permissible reasons (“just cause”) for evictions under the Rent Control Law? (1806)
  • Notice requirements for an eviction (9001, 9002(e), 1806(b) and (e))
  • What are the rules regarding evictions for owner-occupancy or occupancy by an owner’s relative? (1806(a)(8), 9002)
    • Definition of landlord (9002(a))
    • Relatives for whom a tenant may be evicted (9002(c))
    • Good faith requirements for owner-occupancy (9002(d))
    • Limitation on unit selection (9002(b), 9002(h))
  • Evictions for the purpose of removal of the unit from the housing market (1803(t), 9005)
  • No eviction for violating the City’s law against smoking in multi-unit residential buildings (9010)
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