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Annual General Adjustments

The portions of the Rent Control Law that pertain to the annual General Adjustment will be found in Rent Control Charter Amendment Section 1805 and Chapter 3 of the Rent Control Regulations.

  • The sections of the Rent Control Law that address how the annual General Adjustment is determined: 1805(a) and (b) & Regulation 3035
  • Through 2012, the Rent Control Board staff would each year review changes in apartment operating costs and prepare a report (Annual General Adjustment Reports).  The Rent Control Board would then hold public hearings to discuss the issues and set the General Adjustment to compensate property owners for the increased costs, resulting in these regulations that set the amounts of the annual General Adjustments: Regulations 3000 to 3034
  • Since 2013, after the citizens of Santa Monica voted to change how the annual General Adjustment was calculated, each year the Board adopts a resolution announcing what the general adjustment will be for that year based primarily on the increase in the Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County region. The annual resolutions may be viewed by accessing the resolution webpage.  
  • For a chart listing the actual amount of each year's General Adjustment: chart
  • Requirements of a property owner before being entitle to include the General Adjustment in a tenant's rent: Regulation3035(b), (c), (d)
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