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Services We Provide

Among the many services provided by the Rent Control Staff are: 

  • Providing information for all rent-controlled properties
  • Advising how much rent may be collected for any rent-controlled unit
  • Resolving disputes and providing mediation services for owners and tenants regarding rent overcharges, property maintenance and amenities
  • Conducting hearings regarding individual rent increases and decreases
  • Providing referrals to other services and resources in the community¬†
  • Adjusting rents for new tenancies as mandated by State law
  • Informing owners and tenants of their rights and responsibilities under the Rent Control Law
  • Information services available include:
    • Information Analysts available by phone or in person to answer questions from the public
    • semi-annual newsletters and regular summer informational mailings
    • website with up-to-date information on many topics related to rent control
    • several annual workshops & seminars addressing various aspects of the Rent Control Law
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