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Rent Control Seminars

TENANT SEMINAR - MAY 9, 2017, 6:30 P.M.

This seminar covers the basics of the Rent Control Law including how much rent an owner may charge, what amenities are included with a unit, remedies available for maintenance issues, and eviction protections.  For details regarding this seminar, see the seminar flyer here.

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The Rent Control Agency presents or participates in several seminars throughout the year. Below you will find a link to a calendar of currently scheduled seminars: 

Calendar of Upcoming Seminars

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Below are links to videos of live seminars from previous years that may be viewed online. There are also links to PowerPoint presentations that were used in live seminars and have since been modified for viewing online. For either format, it is not unlikely you will want to pause the presentation during the course of the seminar, especially if a subject is being discussed about which you have a particular interest. To pause or re-start presentations, simply left-click on your mouse while your cursor is anywhere on the image of the presentation.

In case you would like to attend a seminar but cannot make it at the scheduled time, one of these archived seminars may be helpful.

Rental Property Maintenance (2009) Full-length Video (2 hrs., 3 min.)

Calculating the Annual Rent Increase (2016) PowerPoint Presentation (19 min.)

Landlord-Tenant Forum (2016) Full-length Video (2 hrs., 13 min.)

Tenants' Introduction to Rent Control (2016) PowerPoint Presentation (45 min.)

Owning Rent-Controlled Property in Santa Monica (2017) PowerPoint Presentation (49 min.)

Owning Rent-Controlled Property in Santa Monica (2017) Full-length Video (2 hrs.)


Tenant Landlord Forum 2016

2016 Tenant-Landlord Forum at Virginia Avenue Park

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