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Passing Through Utility Costs May Lead to Illegal Excess Rent 


The annual general adjustment is intended to cover increases in owners' operating expenses, including any utility costs. Therefore, an additional utility "surcharge" is generally not allowed. Rent-control tenants may lawfully be required to pay for their own utilities when their units are separately metered and the tenants have an account with the utility company. But submetering or "RUBS" (Ratio utility Billing system) billing where tenants pay the owner or a submetering company will usually lead to the owner being liable to the tenants for having collected excess rent.

60-Day Notice for No-Fault Evictions Now Permanentapt_bldgs(3)

California tenants must be given at least 60 days' notice of a no-fault eviction. A no-fault eviction occurs when the owner terminates a tenancy for reasons that have nothing to do with anything the tenant has done or failed to do; for example, when the tenancy is terminated so that the owner can live in the unit himself or herself. In Santa Monica, the 60-day notice provision applies to evictions for owner-occupancy from rent-controlled units, as well as to other no-fault terminations of tenancies from units that are exempt from the Rent Control Law. 

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