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Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy Form


  • Each year the Rent Control Board approves an adjustment to the MAR for rent-controlled units in the city. Rent increases resulting from this adjustment may be implemented as of September 1st of each year for eligible units.
  • Property owners may increase rents by the annual General Adjustment beginning September 1st if:
    • all registration fees and accrued penalties are paid by August 1st (most years);
    • the units are properly registered;
    • there are no uncorrected citations or notices of violation of health, safety, or housing laws for the property;
    • the owner is in compliance with all provisions of the Rent Control Law;
    • the owner gives proper written notice as required by California law; and
    • the tenant moved into the unit before September 1st of the previous year.


  •  Due to changes in the registration fee and surcharge pass-throughs that can take effect as of September 1st of each year, it is a good practice to serve a new notice each year in order to avoid a violation of the Rent Control Law for collecting rent in excess of the maximum lawful rent.
  • The online form that may be downloaded from the link below has many fields that can be filled using your keyboard before downloading the document.
  • Make sure you serve the notice on the tenant at least 30 days before it is to take effect (60 days for rent increases of greater than 10%, or 90 days for tenancies in mobile home parks).
  • It is a good idea to keep a photocopy of the completed and signed notice for your records
  • You may wish to watch this video about preparing the notice for more information about completing it correctly.

 Download the Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy Form
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