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Rosie's Girls

FleetRosie's Girls Santa Monica is designed to build self-esteem, leadership and physical confidence in middle school girls through an exploration of trades and non-traditional activities.  The Community and Cultural Services Department partners with Public Works and other city departments to provide this one-of-a-kind experience for girls in grades 5-8.  During a three-week intensive summer camp, girls go “behind the scenes” and experience what it takes to maintain a city as they learn and apply skills in carpentry, welding, firefighting, tree trimming and other trades.  Trades activities offer an unusual and especially powerful vehicle for girls to develop a broader sense of themselves and their capabilities, and challenge girls to learn self-reliance, expand their math and science skills, develop new areas of physical confidence and expand the range of careers they might envision for themselves.  Public Works is proud to be a part of this nationally-recognized program.

For information on participating in Rosie's Girls, visit the Human Services Division.

Trades Intern Program

The Maintenance Management Divisions operates a Trades Intern Program for local youth (18 years or older).  Trades Interns receive two years paid on-the-job-training in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting and fleet repair, gaining valuable skills necessary for their future employment.  For more information call Virginia Avenue Park at (310) 458-8688.




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